Whose Back Doesn’t Hurt?

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Back PainOver 100 million Americans work a desk job which can entail sitting 6-9 hours a day hunched over a computer screen. The position we naturally slouch to is extremely hard on our vertebrae as well, sitting puts more pressure on the disks than standing does. No wonder so many people have back pain, often times we forget to engage our core while we do medial tasks throughout our long days. Our core allows us to bend, rotate, twist, and stand upright.  Our core is more than just our six pack, it consists of your gluteus, abdominals, spinal erectors, and many more of the deeper muscles. When our back begins to ache this can be the result of poor posture or lack of abdominals. The best thing we can do is to strengthen our core and learn to engage the muscles during daily activities such as picking up an object or when we put an item over head. If we tighten our core there is likely to be more stability and we can provide an increase in protection to our low back.

To strengthen our core is quiet easy, it can be done while doing overhead squatting, overhead lunges, overhead press, dead bug, flutter kick, hollow hold, superman, back extensions, and many more here a is quick efficient routine that can be done daily. Increase the time when the routine has become to easy.


30s on: 10s rest       2 full rounds of exercises

*Dead Bug

*Flutter Kick

*Star Crunch

*Scissor Kick

*Lemon Squeezers


*Oblique Crunch

*Heel Taps


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