What to expect on your first visit

Treatment is given to support the person with their chief concern, being physical, mental, or emotional.

A consultation with us will include an assessment of overall health and can include suggestions for the lifestyle or dietary changes that are catered to the individual.

A course of treatment is ideal, because working closely with a person allows us to understand more clearly their health needs and allows us to support them in the best way possible.
This may vary greatly from person to person, depending on their complaint as well as finances.  It could be anything from one treatment a week for a month, to two treatments a week for three months, to a weekly treatment for six months.  Our approach is based on open communication and frequent evaluation.  A treatment plan is not set in stone.  It can and often does vary.

Also, it is generally understood that healing takes time.

“For more chronic, long-term problems it takes much longer to treat than relatively recent or acute situations.  This involves looking at your health in a potentially very different way.  In our society, from the personal level to the large-scale political and social level, we are looking for silver-bullet solutions to tremendous, complex, and long-standing problems.  The reality is that finding those solutions and that healing require great focus, and it takes time to dig to the roots, and may not easy.

The path can be difficult but can also be very beautiful, and liberating.  As practitioners we encourage patience in the course of treatment.  Over the course of treatment, things shift and evolve.  In fact, it is not uncommon that the tenth treatment we have decided to focus on something entirely different than the initial concern.  The treatment focus, however, is always based entirely on the concern of the patient, and what we can offer is perspective and advise.” Mateo Bernal

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