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  • Addisen Bolton
    Addisen Bolton Front Desk

    Hi there! I was born in Utah and raised in California. I got my Bachelor’s in General Studies from Southern Utah University. Before joining Integrated Health, I worked at a local Dentistry. I decided to be a part of Integrated Health because I really like the atmosphere and the strong sense of community in a small business. When I’m not working, you’ll find me outdoors, hitting the gym, spending time with my dogs, or baking cakes. What I really enjoy about Integrated Health is the friendly work environment where we can connect with our patients on a personal level. If I could have a superpower, I’d choose a photographic memory, so I could remember things perfectly after seeing them just once.

  • Adi Flores
    Adi Flores Front Desk

    Hello, hello! Yuba City is where I’ve always called home. Over the last 12 years, I’ve been in the healthcare game, starting off back in 2011 at a local Chiropractic office—talk about a journey! Integrated Health caught my eye as a shift from working from home. When I’m not doing my thing at Integrated Health, you’ll find me running my small Charcuterie Business, curating Charcuterie boards and grazing experiences. Or I might be planning my next getaway or keeping up with my two sweet little girls. Integrated Health has that cozy small-business feel that I adore. Plus, our patients are the kindest! If I could have a superpower, it’d be speed—imagine blitzing through tasks and still having time for the good stuff!

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