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IMG_0503The alarm goes off at 5am, we make a pot of coffee and go to the computer to answer emails as well as to prepare for the day. We wake the kids up, then we get ready for work. We will grab a sugary sweet coffee and pastry on the way to work because it is convenient. Once we get through the day, we are typically off work late then head home to get dinner ready for the kids or grab take out. Never once thinking about what we had for our lunch which was fast food and a handful of sugar filled trail mix as our snack. Then we skipped our workout because work was to much to handle today and you could not get out early enough. This process happens day after day to many adult and it isn’t until your jeans no longer fit, that perky booty you once had has started to head south, and your once cut arms no longer show your triceps. Then we realize something negative is happening and we have gone through this routine for so long we no longer know what to do to stop. Well the answer is not that difficult, become an athlete.

Eat, Sleep, Train….the proper balance of each one so that we can ensure we are in the most ideal shape possible? Maybe being in the best shape you could ever be in is not your goal, but what about just being in shape? For your kids, your significant other, or for yourself. If you do not take the time to care about your health who will? So I know we all have to work and families to think about, but what about even just one aspect of an athletes life?

Nutrition could be an easy one to slowly ease into the daily routine. Meal prepping to help with healthy snacking and lunches ready for the entire family for the week, doing this on Sunday is a great routine to fall into. Even if each week you can slowly implement healthier food options to help your diet improve you will be taking a step closer towards an athletes lifestyle.

Athletes also train regularly whether it be accessory work, cardio, or strength, you should as well. It is important to go to the gym routinely to help with lowering stress, increasing endorphins, and improving self-confidence. While increasing endorphins may not sound like the greatest reason to go to the gym, improving self-confidence should be reason enough. The more confidant you can become the more likely you are to take bigger risks and believe that you can do much more inside and outside of the gym.

Sleep, is one of the single things that allows our body to repair and reset every day. If we are getting less than 6 hours of sleep we are already putting our body at a huge disadvantage. The average human needs 7-9 hours to fully recover and to allow their body to reset. If we are getting less than that number we are losing the optimum time to recover from the daily stressors of life. 

Take the time for yourself, to be a better parent, to enjoy a healthier life, or even if its just to look good naked! Learn to move better and use the inner athlete everyone has buried inside of themselves.

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