Multigrain Verses Whole Grain

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imagesAs we sort through the breads that claim to have increased fiber and nutrients along with the lack of labeling for the added sugars and preservatives. The two major types of bread are whole grain and multi grain. What is the difference between the two types of bread are that whole grain breads have all parts of the kernel where as multigrain just has more than one grain but not does mean that any of the grains are whole. An important tidbit of information is that a healthy adult consumes 3 one-ounce servings per day. Let’s be sure that to recognize that whole-wheat flour does not have nearly the same nutrient content that whole grains have. When the grains are milled on average they lose 78% of their fiber along with half of the vitamins and minerals.


**If you are looking for an easy way to choose the healthiest option for bread is to read the ingredient list and look for whole grains as the first ingredient on the list.


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