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As the holidays begin to creep up one right after another, the excuses as to why you couldn’t work out and eat healthy come readily available. It is completely understandable as well, company parties, friendsgiving, white elephant parties, children classroom events, etc.


The goal of travel workouts is simply to get your body moving again, to increase your heart rate and get that metabolism to increase through exercise. We prefer to travel without a ton of equipment but there are a few small, lightweight pieces that we recommend everyone take if you will be traveling for a couple weeks at a time without access to a gym.

*Jump rope: light weight and can be shoved into a shoe to keep organized.

*Lacrosse/Tennis Ball: place in the bottom corner of a bag or the other shoe.

*Small Resistance Bands: light weight but pack a powerful punch!

Integrated Health has paired with personal trainer, Brooke ONeill to create fun body weight workouts that can be done anywhere!

* 420-18-16-14…4-2

-Jumping lunges

-Sit Ups

*Tabata 20:10 x 8

-Push Ups



*For Time

-30 Push Ups

-40 Squats

-50 Sit Ups

– 60 Squats

-70 Double Unders

*6 rounds

-400 m Run

-15 Burpees



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