Are You Sleeping Correctly?

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While life is ruSleep Instagram Photonning ramped, we begin to think that we are indestructible and can handle anything. Even lack of sleep, this is typically where we take hours from when we have no time left in the day. This presents the largest problem, sleep is vital for good health and our wellbeing. Sleep is necessary for weight management/loss as well as providing our appetite.


The best resource for recovering from stress and workouts is to sleep 7-9 hours depending on your exhaustion level and schedule. Unfortunately more than 35% of adults suffer from lack of sleep, which pushes them into a high risk of chronic health problems. Below are some useful tips to help you improve your sleep:

*Be Consistent: stick to a regular bed time and wake up time. Get on a good schedule for you and your work schedule.

*Dark & Quiet Room: Lights and noises can interrupt your sleep causing you to have a restless night of sleep.

*Be Active During the Day: Get up and move, exhaust yourself, you will sleep much sounder.

*Watch What You Drink: Drinking caffeine and alcohol late at night can also disrupt your sleep patterns.

 *Unplug: leave your phone in the kitchen and set an actual alarm clock, turn the TV off and allow yourself to unwind with a book.

For more information visit the Mayo Clinics website:


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