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“What do you want for dinner?” said Thing One.

“I don’t care, you pick,” responded Thing Two.

“I don’t care either, let’s just go out for dinner,” finalized Thing One.

I am sure everyone has heard this between couples, friends, or parents. I am sure you have even said I don’t care what we have to eat at one point, leaving the others to make an executive decision. Fortunately we have a tool that will help you plan so that you can end up eating home cooked and nutritious  meals. If you adhere to the following steps you will be much more prepared for the week of eating in with friends, family, and significant others.

  1. To begin sit down with Pinterest, be sure to set a timer or you could be here ALL day. Go to our Pinterest account, Integrated Health CA and click on the board Clean Eating. Here you can scroll through numerous recipes, most have been tested and approved delicious! Make a list of meals, pin them to your own page, and list the ingredients you will need to get from the grocery store.
  2. Next visit the grocery store, pick up everything on the list that you made so easily by searching through the recipes on through our collection.
  3. Bring groceries home and if you have time immediately begin prepping: cut up veggies/fruits, marinate proteins, and even cooking foods that you would like your lunches to be composed of. IMG_0628
  4. Fill food storage containers with desired amounts and foods to create a healthy balanced meal, that is easy to consume while on the go.

Now that you have food prepped the weekly dinner hassle becomes much more pleasant and manageable. If you want to be extremely organized you can use a calendar to help you organize and preplan what meals you will have on desired days of the week. 

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