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Lately it seems that we al have very different lifestyles and needs throughout the day. One thing that we all have in common is the primal need to eat. While traffic slows and our stomach growls after a long stressful day at work we know that it is dinner time. As you slowly creep towards your final destination you begin to think of what you are going to have to eat as soon as you get home. Call in to get pizza so that you don’t have to bother doing the dishes? Defrost that bag of frozen Chinese food? Make a box of mac ‘n’ cheese?

All of these answers are very common when we discuss with one another what we have all had for dinner lately unfortunately. For this reason we are providing amazingly delicious and quick recipes that all of us staff members at Integrated Health have compiled.

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Kayla Palmer loves simple healthy meals that are quick for her and her husband. So finding meals that take minimal ingredients with modest amounts of preparation work are her specialty. She loves the Pomegranate Pear Salad when it is the peak of summer, by adding grilled chicken she would get enough protein to keep her full for the evening!

Lemon Chicken with Asparagus: http://pinchofyum.com/5-ingredient-lemon-chicken-asparagus

Pomegranate Pear Avocado Salad: http://www.gimmesomeoven.com/pomegranate-pear-avocado-salad-recipe/


Brooke ONeill recommends being prepared for dinner. Before she leaves for her work day she will add the necessary ingredients to these crock pot recipes for protein, then sauté some vegetables to add some healthy carbohydrates. For her healthy fats she loves to include avocado with a pinch of garlic salt on EVERYTHING!

Slow Cooker Honey Sriracha Chicken: http://therecipecritic.com/2015/06/slow-cooker-honey-sriracha-chicken/

Baked Chicken Spinach Artichokes: http://diethood.com/baked-chicken-spinach-artichokes/


Dr. Logan Reading with a busy schedule often times it becomes tough to get a healthy dinner together. But by using simple ingredients he can have a healthy family meal quickly. This recipe topped with pepper jack cheese for the adult version seems to be a hit!

White Chicken Chili: http://addapinch.com/cooking/white-chicken-chili-recipe/

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