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  • Jacqueline Ramirez
    Jacqueline Ramirez Front Desk
  • Addisen Bolton
    Addisen Bolton Front Desk
  • Adi Flores
    Adi Flores Front Desk
  • Alexa Fairfield
    Alexa Fairfield Front Desk

    Hey Alexa, schedule me an appointment at Integrated Health” Yep, that’s me! I started at Integrated Health in 2020 and have been enjoying coming to work ever since. I am originally from Orange County, California but moved to Yuba City after marrying my husband in January 2020. I met my husband while going to school at Chico State where I earned my degree in nutrition and food science. When I am not at the office I enjoy spending my time with my husband and dog and working in my garden. I strive to live a healthy life and that’s why I believe working at Integrated Health is a perfect fit for me because we help our patients be able to do the same.

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