Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

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lavenderOur lives become more impacted with to do lists and family events, we often forget to slow down and relax. There is the occasional glass of wine that we can relax with, but what if we want to choose a healthier option. Luckily lavender essential oil has been found to promote relaxation effects for the mind and body. But this is not the only benefit to lavender essential oil, it also can be used for numerous things.

*clean cuts and minimize bruising and skin irritants

*aid nausea and motion sickness by simply applying directly behind ears

*application of the oil directly to the scalp can provide the ease of dandruff

*aid in the healing of cold sores

*assist in insomnia by applying oil to pillow and bottoms of feet

*flavor aid in baking, tea, and honey

These are just a few ways we enjoy our lavender essential oil. We would love to hear from you on your favorite ways to enjoy lavender!


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